Saturday, September 1, 2012

An Update

Well, it's been a while.  I'm sorry I haven't updated this thing in ages.  I found out about this site,, and it just made trading so much busier for me.  It made me trade so much more in so little time.  I'll update you guys on what's happened.

I continued trading my low value items for a while.  I bought an FDU (Fancy Dress Uniform) and flipped it for a refined more a few times.  Then I got into the high-value stranges market.  I bought strange machinas or strange festive weapons for cheap, and then flipped them for full value.  It's a very easy way to make a few keys.

I flipped a strange festive minigun 9 times, each time for a key profit, and at the end, I had made enough off of it to buy one for myself.  I still have it, it's ranked up to "server clearing" now.

I dabbled in low-tier stranges, buying a ton for cheap and flipping them.  I don't recommend this.  The profit margins are way too small.  Stick to the high value stuff if you want to flip things.

I wouldn't recommend trying to flip keys, Bill's Hats, or earbuds for profit.  They are already an established currency, and there is far too little price variation.  This talk about earbuds brings me to the story of my first pair.

When I had made enough keys, I bought my first pair of earbuds.  I made a post looking for unusual offers.  I bought my first unsusual;  a Blizzardy Storm Professional's Panama.  So began my unusual trading career.

The unusual market is an awful market.  Nobody is interested in buying unless they're getting a great deal, and nobody is interested in selling unless they're getting full value +extra.  It makes it extremely hard to do business.  There are some hats that are extremely hard to sell.  I'd recommend not bothering buying a hat if there are more than 5 of them on the market at the time.  It makes it to hard to sell.

For instance, I bought a Stormy Storm Surgeon's Stalhelm for around 4 buds.  It was worth about 6.  I was completely and totally unable to sell it, and barely managed to quicksell it for 3 buds.  Research the market thoroughly before making any purchases.

My second unusual that I ever owned was a Circling Heart Hard Counter, named "Heart Counter".  I loved that hat.  When I had made enough profit, I bought it back for myself.  My heavy still wears it proudly.  You can spoil yourself sometimes, when you trade well enough.

Recently, I cashed out my initial investment of $130.  At its peak, before my cashout, my backpack was worth $600.  It is now worth $470.  That is all profit, from fairly inactive trading.  If you trade well and often, you can make thousands of dollars.

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