Friday, March 30, 2012

Common Terms

For those extremely new to Team Fortress 2, I'll define some common terms:
  • Metal:  Metal is essentially the currency of Team Fortress.  Weapons and hats can be "smelted" to form metal, which can be traded for items in the game's trading system, or crafted to make new items
  • Refined, reclaimed, and scrap:  Scrap metal is the lowest common denominator.  It is the least expensive metal.  Craft three together, and it makes a reclaimed metal.  Craft three of those together, it makes a refined metal.  Refined metal is the basic currency standard.  When citing a price, one will cite it in terms of a refined metal.  For example:  a key goes for 2.33- 2.55 refined.  That is 2 refined 1 reclaimed, or 2 refined 1 reclaimed 2 scrap
  • Strange:  Strange weapons are more valuable, and track the number of kills they make.  They can only be found through trading or opening a Mann Co. Supply Crate
  • Mann Co. Supply Crate:  These items are randomly found in-game.  When opened with a key, they have a chance of yielding a weapon, a hat, or an "exceedingly rare item"
  • Exceedingly rare item:  Every crate has a 1% chance of yielding one of these.  An exceedingly rare item is an unusual hat
  • Unusual Hat:  These hats are very rare, and therefore very expensive; One hat sold for $2500!  The prices fluctuate constantly, and selling them is a tricky business to participate in

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